Lima Milonga Review

Last year on the way back from visiting the Machu Picchu ruins, I decided to  make a short detour and check out a milonga in Lima. Since  it was a Sunday afternoon milonga, I had no idea what kind of venue and dance I would encounter.

Although I did not stay the whole milonga–I needed to get to the airport– I was able to get  a   general  impression of the milonga. Here is my quick review.

Name: CI Tango; City: Lima; Date: May, 2018

Location-(3.5). It was located in a downtown business district. Public transportation was available. Organization-(3.5). Cozy local milonga; all members are familiar with each other. Entrance fee– 25 Soles. Ambiance-(3.0). Good lighting, seats arranged around the room. Floor-(3.0), Wood floor with some minor gaps/holes.  Relatively small dance floor DJ-(4.5). Good danceable music, traditional with various musicality tandas. Dance-(3.0). Few good dancers; mostly average; a few couples were in practice mode. During my early stay, there were twenty plus dancers.

Overall- (3.5). If one needs to dance on Sunday afternoon and don’t mind mingling with practicing couples,  it is a small, cozy venue to dance tango. Going with a partner would be helpful.

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