Barcelona Milonga Review

I have heard from various sources that Barcelona has really good milongas. So, I decided to find out for myself. During my three city European milonga tour, Barcelona was my first stop. Due to my tight schedule, I was able to go to just one milonga. Of course, if I stayed for a week, I may have attended couple of more milongas. Maybe on my next trip, I can indulge longer in Barcelona. Here is my one milonga review in Barcelona:

Name: Casa Valencia, Location: Barcelona, Date: June, 2018.

Accessibility-(4.0): Close to public transportation, in town, 3rd floor. Ambiance-(3.5):separate lounge room, late comers, casual atmosphere, large turnout (70+?) Organization-(3.5): Fee- 7 Euro, darkened good size room, square room seating setup. Floor (3.0): marble. DJ-(4.0): Good traditional danceable tanda music. Dance-(4.5): Most dancers were good to excellent; floor craft was well observed. Most dancers were in their 40s to 70s. Even gender split.

Overall-(4.0): If one is a good tango dancer, this milonga would be fun to go to. It maybe difficult for visitors to dance with the local tangueros because of their skill level.


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