Barcelona Milonga Review

I have heard from various sources that Barcelona has really good milongas. So, I decided to find out for myself. During my three city European milonga tour, Barcelona was my first stop. Due to my tight schedule, I was able to go to just one milonga. Of course, if I stayed for a week, I may have attended couple of more milongas. Maybe on my next trip, I can indulge longer in Barcelona. Here is my one milonga review in Barcelona:

Name: Casa Valencia, Location: Barcelona, Date: June, 2018.

Accessibility-(4.0): Close to public transportation, in town, 3rd floor. Ambiance-(3.5):separate lounge room, late comers, casual atmosphere, large turnout (70+?) Organization-(3.5): Fee- 7 Euro, darkened good size room, square room seating setup. Floor (3.0): marble. DJ-(4.0): Good traditional danceable tanda music. Dance-(4.5): Most dancers were good to excellent; floor craft was well observed. Most dancers were in their 40s to 70s. Even gender split.

Overall-(4.0): If one is a good tango dancer, this milonga would be fun to go to. It maybe difficult for visitors to dance with the local tangueros because of their skill level.


Lima Milonga Review

Last year on the way back from visiting the Machu Picchu ruins, I decided to  make a short detour and check out a milonga in Lima. Since  it was a Sunday afternoon milonga, I had no idea what kind of venue and dance I would encounter.

Although I did not stay the whole milonga–I needed to get to the airport– I was able to get  a   general  impression of the milonga. Here is my quick review.

Name: CI Tango; City: Lima; Date: May, 2018

Location-(3.5). It was located in a downtown business district. Public transportation was available. Organization-(3.5). Cozy local milonga; all members are familiar with each other. Entrance fee– 25 Soles. Ambiance-(3.0). Good lighting, seats arranged around the room. Floor-(3.0), Wood floor with some minor gaps/holes.  Relatively small dance floor DJ-(4.5). Good danceable music, traditional with various musicality tandas. Dance-(3.0). Few good dancers; mostly average; a few couples were in practice mode. During my early stay, there were twenty plus dancers.

Overall- (3.5). If one needs to dance on Sunday afternoon and don’t mind mingling with practicing couples,  it is a small, cozy venue to dance tango. Going with a partner would be helpful.