Thailand/Malaysia(Expats) Milonga Reviews


Today I am reporting on milongas I have visited in Thailand (Bangkok) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). Before I give ratings, you might be interested in something unique to these milongas. That is, both in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, milongas are basically supported by expats. This is particularly apparent with leaders. The leaders I have met are either moved from other countries or visiting on vacation or on business. The reason for the lack of native leaders is due mainly to either cultural or religious in nature. In Thailand, from what I have discerned is that men do not dance. In Malaysia, the predominant population is Muslim who do not dance. Consequently, the potential pool of tango dancers are limited, and the tango community is relatively small in relation to the total population of either city.

Now, the ratings:

Name: Tango at Dream Hotel; Place: Bangkok; Date: November (Friday), 2016; Accessibility- 4.0; Ambiance-4.0; Organization -4.0; Floor-3.5; Music/DJ -3.5; Dance Quality -3.0. Recommend-yes (only Friday night milonga in town). Plus(+):Friendly host, nice selection of  free buffet. Minus(-): Gender balance – women> men; more men dancers needed.

Name: Red Pepper; City: Bangkok; Date: November (Saturday),2016; Accessibility-4.0; Ambiance -4.0; Organization – 4.0; Floor -3.5; Music/DJ -3.0; Dance Quality -3.0; Recommend? -yes (only milonga on Saturday). Plus (+): friendly organizer; good floor/seating balance. Minus(-): Extra  charge  for snack/food . Gender balance – women>men.


I skipped over to Perth, Australia for a weekend and attended two milongas. I would call the Perth experience as the milongas for couples. Most guests were couples (80 percent?). They came in as couples and stayed together during the milongas although they did dance with other couple partners.

Name: Friday Milonga; City: Perth; Date: November(Friday), 2016; Accessibility-3.5; Ambiance-3.5; Organization-4.0; Floor-3.5; Music/DJ-4.0; Dance Quality-3.0; Recommend?-yes (only milonga on Friday). Plus(+): Welcoming hosts (Ross and Elena); low entry fee; lots of danceable music. Host mingles with guests. Minus(-): Dark lighting.

Name: Monthly Saturday Milonga; City: Perth; Date: November(Saturday), 2016; Accessibility-3.5; Ambiance-3.5; Organization-4.0; Floor-3.5; Music/DJ-2.5; Dance Quality-3.0; Recommend? Maybe (not if attended Friday milonga the night before). Plus (+): Friendly hosts; low cost entry fee. Minus (-): Difficult music to dance to; mixed traditional and nuevo music; dark lighting.


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