A Swedish Milonga Review

Well, this particular review is slightly dated (May, 2016)but I wanted to post it since it was similar to other milongas from a relatively large city with several milongas operating weekly.

One of the challenges most visitors to a milonga faces is that you are an unknown quantity in the eyes of the locals.  If a milonga happens to be sparsely attended, your presence is appreciated. However, in a well-attended milonga with a good number of experienced dancers, the visitor becomes an oddity and can easily be ignored. Of course, if you happen to be a skilled and experienced dancer, and somehow you can demonstrate your skill to the locals, you will be “allowed” but necessarily accepted.                                                                                             Here is my milonga review from  Stockholm, Sweden.

Milonga name: Tres Esquinas, City: Stockholm, Date: May/2016(Sunday afternoon).

Accessibility(4.5)- close to a metro station; within the city limit; restaurant available downstairs.

Ambiance(2.0) – Second floor; did not feel like a place to dance tango; a converted cafeteria atmosphere? cash food and drinks available; bright lighting, mostly from daylight source.

Organizer(3.5)- Pleasant reception downstairs (able to chat); difficult identifying the organizer; the place seems to be on auto-pilot.

Floor (4.0) – Plenty of floor space and chairs/tables to accommodate the dancers.

Music/DJ(3.5) – Traditional music with tandas.

Dance quality (3.5) – Salon style; 40-60 age range; women > men; cliquish; mostly good floor navigation.

Recommend: Yes, if you enjoy salon dancing with some skill, or young/attractive.

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