First visitor’s milonga review

Hey, I got my first visitor’s milonga review. Here it is (condensed version)!

Milonga name: Genesis; City -San Francisco; Date -10/2016 Reviewer’s  city -Sacramento.

Accessibility (2.0)-easy to get to but parking is impossible

Ambiance (3.0)- overall good,drinks/snacks cursory.

Organizer (2) – Less than welcoming attitude.

Floor(5.0) – excellent overall, lots of space.

Music/DJ (5.0) – great mix of danceable (traditional,rhythmic, melodic and dynamic) music.

Dance quality (5.0) – Sizable group of high level dancers, some intermediate, smattering of local teachers.

Overall (3.0) – Good milonga for experienced dancers, and seemed to attract young (below 50, that is) dancers. Not for beginners?                                                                                      ———————————————-

Thank you for the review! Additional reviews are always welcome.

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